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Hotels and motels are inspected twice each year by Klamath County Environmental Health and the focus is on safety and general sanitation concerns. The same is true for recreational parks.

Updated Organizational Camp Rules

The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division has updated the rules relating to Organizational Camps. These rules set health and safety standards for operators of these facilities and were developed in consultation with local health departments and the organizational camp industry.


Pool and Spa Program

Pool Rules OAR 333-060-0000
Spa Rules OAR 333-062-0000

Tourist Program

Traveler's Accommodations: Hotels and Motels
Recreational Parks and RV Toilet to Space Ratio Table
Bed and Breakfasts - These facilities are also influenced by the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules
Organizational Camps- These facilities are also influenced by the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules.
Regulations governing health and safety at Outdoor Mass Gatherings
Oregon Revised Statute 446 - This gives authority for inspection and licensing of tourist facilities in Oregon
Oregon Revised Statute 448 - This gives authority for inspection and licensing of public pools in Oregon


Fecal Incident Response (pdf)
Pool Accident Report Form (pdf)

Pool Lifeguards

Acceptable Pool Lifeguard Certifications (pdf)
Oregon CPR Certification Equivalency for Pool Lifeguards (pdf)

Organizational Camps

Interim CDC Guidance in Response to Novel Influenza A (H1N1) (pdf)
Camp Accident Report Form (pdf)
List of Minimum Recommended Supplies for First Aid (pdf)
Acceptable Waterfront Lifeguard Certifications (pdf)
Oregon CPR Certification Equivalency for Waterfront Lifeguards (pdf)
Fact Sheet: Allergic Response and Glucagon Training (pdf)
Epinephrine Training Protocol
Emergency Glucagon Providers Training Protocol (pdf)

Bedbug information

In recent years, public health agencies across the country have been overwhelmed by complaints about bed bugs.

An integrated approach to bed bug control involving federal, state, tribal and local public health professionals, together with pest management professionals, housing authorities and private citizens, will promote development and understanding of the best methods for managing and controlling bed bugs and preventing future infestations.