Small Boat Rescue



We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who work with the Klamath County Sheriff's Office Marine Deputies to ensure the safety of the public when they are on, or around, the various water bodies in Klamath County.  We believe a safe and enjoyable experience on our waters beats becoming a statistic any day.  We enjoy taking advantage of what Klamath County has to offer and want other to enjoy their boating experience.


  • We are certified by the Oregon State Marine Board to give the "Boat Oregon" mandatory boater education course to all ages.
  • We visit as many preschools, elementary schools and private schools in Klamath County as possible to provide water safety training to our most vulnerable citizens.
  • We conduct Boat Examinations and issue annual compliance stickers for the Oregon State Marine Board.
  • We conduct Hull Number Inspection Reports for boat owners so that they may register their boats and Personal Watercraft.
  • We can, and will, come to your home to provide these inspections if requested.
  • We maintain the life jacket kiosks at More Park and Lake Euwana.
  • We service and maintain local navigation aids and identify and mark hazardous areas.
  • We remove hazards from Klamath County's waters whenever possible.
  • We patrol the waters of Klamath County with a Marine Deputy to ensure that ALL who use our waters can do so safely.
  • We provide safety patrols for water related events such as Races, Regattas, Open Water Swims and the annual Trophy Trout Derby.
  • We are "On-Call" for water related rescues and recoveries.
  • We perform "non-enforcement" duties to allow the Marine Deputies to do what the Oregon State Marine Board pays them to do, enforce the law.
  • We maintain our boats with funding from the Oregon State Marine Board, they are owned by the Marine Board, using volunteer labor whenever possible.


  • We are not Law Enforcement.  We don't write tickets.  We don't chase violators.  We do know that a Deputy is just a call away.
  • We don't charge Klamath County a dime for the hours of service we give.

Interested in volunteering?  Need your boat or PWC inspected before the season or on a weekend?  Contact the Klamath County Sheriff's Office at 541-883-5130 or one of our volunteers.