Civil Fee Schedule

Notice Process

Number of Parties Fee  
1 - 2 parties (same address) $50
3 parties (same address) $84
4 parties (same address $112
5 parties (same address) $140

Police Reports

Service Fee
Police Report
 Hourly staff rates apply to any report that requires more than 30 minutes to compile.


1 - 2 parties (same address) $139
3 parties (same address) $173
4 parties (same address) $201
5 parties (same address) $229


Service Fee
Photographs Disc $20.00 each
Video $50.00 minimum – quote to be provided based on individual request
Video fee breakdown:
Upload…. $19.00
Redaction…$1.00 per each video minute of review
Hourly staff rates apply
Deposit Due to fees incurred internally for video upload, review and redaction, a $50 deposit will be required
for all video requests prior to request being processed. A quote will be provided to requestor
prior to processing to approve/deny total fee.

Concealed Handgun License

Service Fees
Concealed Handgun License $115.00
Renewal of Concealed Handgun License $75.00
Address Change / Replacement $15.00

Additional Services

Service Fee
Writs of Garnishment $25
Enforcement Actions
(Property seizure, writ, or order of assistance, or writ of execution)
Additional fees to include supplies, mileage, storage, postage, and wages of additional personnel may be charged and will be calculated at time of service.
Writ of Execution in Judgement of Restitution
(Please note that "et al" or "All Other Occupants" is a party to be served)
(Plus fees outlined under "Notice Process" above)
Conveyance of Real Property (Sheriff's Deed) $56
Tow / Impound Release $100 cash only
Fingerprints (two cards) $15

We accept cash, checks, money orders and credit/debit card (a convenience fee of 2.45% is added by the host bank to all Credit/debit card transactions).  Make check, money orders payable to KCSO