Mission Statement

The mission of the Klamath County Juvenile Department is to prevent juvenile delinquency and to protect the public by holding youth accountable for offending behavior and by providing reformation opportunities to prevent future offending behavior. This mission is primarily accomplished through intake assessment, counseling, court, probation, and detention services.

Teens Sitting Around a Campfire


Klamath County's youth are a vital component of our community and its future. The citizens of this county, though, have a right to be safe from criminal behavior. Through correction and guidance, the Klamath County Juvenile Department strives to provide youth referred to us with the necessary skills to become productive, responsible, law abiding citizens.

We believe that all youth charged with criminal offenses are entitled to their constitutional rights and that youth, whether they are on probation or in detention, are to be treated with dignity and respect. We also believe that we need to have a strong commitment to hold youth responsible for their behavior, and to do that, we provide three basic services for Klamath County - court services, juvenile probation, and detention - as required by the Oregon Revised Statutes.