Justice Court

Cases Handled by the Justice Court

Klamath County Justice Court handles Klamath County Animal Control violations, Klamath County and City of Merrill county code violations, and traffic citations issued by Klamath County Sheriff’s Department, City of Merrill Police Department and City of Malin Police Department.

Court Arraignments

How to respond to a Traffic Citation

Please Read the back of your citation for instructions.  If you would like to appear in person, please do so on your court date at any time between 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m..  The date is  is written on the front bottom of your summons.  During the COVID -19 crisis, you may call rather than personally appear.    If you appear, please wear a mask.

Explanation of Plea

A no contest plea arises from your right to remain silent.  It is your belief that although you may not be able to admit guilt, you believe there would be enough evidence to prove the case against you.  A no contest plea does result in conviction and is treated as a guilty plea.

You may also respond to the citation in writing rather than in person.  To do so, please check your plea on the back of the citation and return it to the Court.  This MUST be received on or before your  Court date.   If you choose option 2 you must include the full presumptive fine along with your citation and the appropriate box marked.  You may include a written explanation.

A not guilty plea is a denial of guilt or your belief that the case can not be proven against you.   If pleading not guilty there is an option to a personal hearing or a hearing by affidavit (hearing by mail option 4).  Please mail your citation with either option 3 or 4 and choose an option on the ticket sign and date it.  If you chose option 4 then mail in your affidavit within 14 business days.  That form can be found HERE  If you chose option 3 then a court time and date will be mailed to you.  Please make sure we have your most updated address.

If you choose to be represented by an attorney the Court must be notified as soon as possible after your attorney is retained.

It is your responsibility to ensure the Court receives your written appearance, on or before your Court date.  If the Court does not receive your written appearance or you do not appear in person or by phone, a default judgment will be entered and an order to suspend driving privileges will be entered and an order to suspend driving privileges will be forwarded to DMV.  This Court does turn uncollected debt over to a Collection Agency and once it has been turned over to them you will need to contact the Collection Agency to settle the debt.

Suspended Driver’s Licenses

Does Klamath County Justice Court have a hold on your driving license? If so, please contact us and ask about our new payment plan policy for suspended licenses.

Legal Advice

Please note that the staff of the Court’s office cannot give legal advice. If you have a question as to how to proceed with any legal matter, please consult an attorney. For lawyer referral services, you may contact the Oregon State Bar at 1-800-452-7291.

Trial by Declaration Information

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