Wolf Depredation Grant

Pursuant to ORS 610.150 to 610.155 (the "Act"), the Department of Agriculture (the "Department") shall establish and implement a wolf depredation compensation and financial assistance grant program and award grants in accordance with the Act and rules adopted by the Department in OAR chapter 603, Division 019 (the "Rules") pursuant to ORS 610.150(4).

The Oregon Department of Agriculture's (ODA) Wolf Depredation Compensation and Financial Assistance Grant Program compliments the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODF&W) Wolf Conservation and Management Plan in developing and maintaining a cooperative livestock producer assistance program that proactively minimizes wolf-livestock conflicts and assists producers experiencing wolf-related livestock losses.

Wolf Depredation Application - Please fill grant application, save, and submit to nparker@klamathcounty.org  

Wolves and Livestock in Oregon

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