Klamath County Library Service District

Department Mission: Klamath County Library Service District is actively committed to providing access to information resources and customized services for all our county residents, businesses, and agencies, both public and private. It is our conviction that an informed individual is a vital link in a healthy and prosperous community. 

Created by ballot Measure No. 18-39 on May 16, 2000.  The official ballot language read: "Klamath County Library Service District Formation and Permanent Tax Rate. Question: Shall the County Library Service District be formed now with a tax rate of $0.49 per thousand assessed valuation? Summary: This measure may be passed only at an election with 50 percent voter turnout. Passage of the measure will provide for the formation of the Klamath County Library Service District within the boundaries of Klamath County and establish a permanent tax rate. The tax rate will initially provide estimated revenue of $1,335,000.00 annually for the purpose of operating the Klamath County Library. The proposal was initiated due to the loss of revenues from the O&C timber receipts as well as Measure 50. The tax rate will provide funds to increase materials and staff, extend hours of the main library and the branches and open a branch in the South Suburban area and Keno. The proposed tax rate will reduce property tax revenues for units of local government that have reached tax limitations.” 

Department Overview: Materials and services are provided by the District from branch locations in twelve different communities throughout the county. These branches are situated in owned, rented, and shared buildings. The District owns buildings in Klamath Falls, South Suburbs, Sprague River, and Bonanza; rents spaces in Gilchrist, Chiloquin, Chemult, and Keno; has an Intergovernmental Agreement with the County School to use space at the Gearhart School in Bly, and is provided space free of charge in the community centers run by the Malin and Merrill Park Districts. A small branch is located in the Senior Citizen Center. The library services and materials that the community can access from these sites include print and electronic collections, internet and computer work stations, and staff who are trained to guide and assist patrons in the use of the libraries. The District’s administrative operations are housed at the main library in Klamath Falls. These operations include acquiring materials for its collections and coordinating contracted service with Klamath County for the administration of its personnel, financial resources, information technology, and building maintenance. The personnel who staff the Library Service District’s operation are employed under an Intergovernmental Agreement that provides them the same rights, responsibilities and benefits as other Klamath County employees. 

Budget Overview: The number of library locations, open hours, material and on-line collections, library staff assisting patrons, programs for county residents, allocation for future capital improvements, and contingency funds, determine how the Library Service District’s property tax and other revenues are expended. The budget is also determined by the need to balance the costs of the materials and services, based on revenue, patron and community patterns of use and need, and new developments in resources and technology. 

Major Revenue: Each year the District’s revenue is determined by an estimated percentage increase of current and prior property tax revenue. This projection is provided by the Assessor and the District’s Finance Director. Other sources of revenue are based on fees, charges, and a regular grant from the State of Oregon specified for youth. Other sources of revenue include funds from the State Board of Forestry.

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