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Licensed food facilities survey: Fall 2019

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how long in business

licensing process

How could we improve this process for you?

  • We are satisfied with the process. 
  • Little expensive 
  • I don't you could. Excellent communication and we know our Health Dept. licensing personnel really care. 
  • Should not be charging veterans non-profit org. so much money to run their club. 
  • Licensing process is fine. 
  • I think it's great. 
  • The less steps the better while still including any requisites. Overall, a fairly simple process. 
  • Been so many years ago when we licensed business, but I have always found the health dept. helpful to us to solve any problems that have arisen over the years. 
  • Auto renewal 
  • Great, except...I've had to pay for a "commissary" license in addition to the license. 
  • You guys are doing a great job. 
  • It could be cheaper. 
  • At this time I have no issue with the licensing process. 

last inspection

How could we improve this process for you?

  • Our inspections have always been informative and helpful. 
  • Not come at lunch disrupts business 
  • Great. 
  • New inspector is great, although I thought Susan was great, also.
  • New health inspector very knowledgeable and offers suggestions.  
  • Positive, informed, helpful. 
  • Everything was great. 
  • Happy with how things are. 
  • No improvement. I really enjoy my interactions with Jazz. She's informative and fair and very helpful in her evaluations. 
  • I think it's great. 
  • Also, straightforward and direct. 
  • Last inspection wasn't an easy one due to customer's extremely excessive "mess" left in bathroom. Restaurant owners nightmare and to have it happen during health inspection. 
  • As a GM I would like to be their during inspection. Wish we can setup a time frame that works for all of us. 
  • Process is good. 
  • The inspections I receive are always professional and courteous. 
  • So far the process has been excellent, we have no notes for improvement. 
  • I understand why it's unexpected, but a Saturday when very busy? It is disruptive and causes guest complaints. 
  • Before the inspection process the public health person needs to look into background of business. I got marked down for things and I'm grandfather in.

office support

How could we improve this process for you?

  • We are satisfied with the process and you have been very helpful to us in the past. 
  • Lower fees 
  • Occasionally the needed personnel are not available to answer questions immediately. They are very busy. 
  • Never need to call for help or support. 
  • Haven't used much but very pleasant when calling. 
  • Everything is easy and great. 
  • Support is good. 
  • I think it's great. 
  • Everyone's availability is well. 
  • I like the handouts left after inspections. Keeps my staff and I current on latest food service issues, changes, etc. 
  • Great service. 
  • We have not required help for a while but back when we did we received excellent support in a timely manner. 
  • Check business background.

Is there any other area that we could improve our service to you?

  • Be more consistent when doing inspections. Don't try to find something when not necessary. 
  • No todo para mi esta correcto siguen al pie de la letra las reglas gracias 
  • More training for employees. Easier access. More free classes. 
  • Lower fees 
  • I have no issues. 
  • No. 
  • No. Everything was great and service was fast and effcient. 
  • Reduce cost of doing business for veterans, beings only have 4 diners a year. 
  • No. I think it's great. 
  • Consistency! Inspections need to be consistent in all restaurants, cafeterias, kitchens and especially food trucks! I worry about food trucks that use ice chests. 
  • Nothing to improve, you guys do a great job. 
  • Keep up the good work. 
  • You do a good job. I don't have any problems with the way you operate. 
  • The commissary fee seems high for a frig and a freezer that is occasionally used.
  • No. You guys are amazing. 
  • None needed. Thank you. 
  • The fees have increased to almost impossible levels. A new business is already struggling enough without extravagant fees being forced on them. 
  • I'm sure there is always room for improvement but I think everyone does a great job. 
  • Not at this time. 
  • No. I am very happy with your service. Thank you. 
  • No. I think it is a good experience all the way around. It works.