Budget Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Klamath County Government Center
    305 Main Street
    Room 219
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601


The Budget committee is composed of the members of the governing body (Board of Commissioners) and an equal number of electors (lay members). The lay members may not be officers, agents or employees of Klamath County.

Committee's Purpose

The Budget Committee’s purpose is to assist the Board of Commissioners in fulfilling Klamath County’s obligations under Oregon Budget Law (ORS 294.305 to 294.565). A copy of the bylaws of the Budget Committee are available (PDF).

Public Comments

Public comments are encouraged by the Klamath County Budget Committee. Your involvement helps shape the services that are provided to our community. Comments may be submitted in writing or in person. If you wish to provide written comments please submit them to the Klamath County Finance Office.

If you wish to make comments in person, you may do so by attending a Budget Committee meeting. Public comments are accepted in the following manner:

  • Individuals are limited to one comment period per department (even if the department makes more than one presentation/discussion).
  • Public comment will be taken immediately before the department presentation/discussion.
  • Time is limited to a maximum of three minutes.

Budget Committee Hearings

Following are links to all of the presentation materials for the departmental hearings, supporting documents and videos. We will have the materials used in each departmental hearing available for review on these pages before the presentations begin, so those viewing the hearings live on Charter Cable channel 181 will have access to them during the broadcast. Online videos of each meeting will generally be posted the same day they are recorded.